Filing Details

Franchisor Name and Address
Filing Number 633180
Filing Status Expired
Franchise Legal Name Wix Franchise, Inc.
Franchise Trade Name (DBA) Antioch Pizza Shop
Franchise Business Address 1368 Bayshore Drive
Antioch, IL 60002 USA
Filings for this Registration
Legal NameTrade NameTypeStatusEffective
Wix Franchise, Inc.Antioch Pizza ShopRegistrationExpired 3/23/2023
States Application Filed
States Filed Illinois
Contact Person
Contact Name Doris Adkins Carter
Contact Address 402 E. Roosevelt Rd.
Ste. 206
Wheaton IL 60187  USA
Contact Email
Contact Phone 630-668-2135
Contact Fax 630-668-9009
Contact for Service of Process
Contact Name Arthur Wicklein
Contact Address 1368 Bayshore Drive
Antioch IL  60002
Consent to Service of Process
Organization Type Corporation
Organized under laws of Illinois
Officer Name Arthur Wicklein
Officer Title Secretary and Treasurer
Franchise Disclosure Document

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