Filing Details

Franchisor Name and Address
Original Filing Number 631718
Filing Status Expired
Franchise Legal Name F45 Training Incorporated
Franchise Trade Name (DBA) F45 Training
Franchise Business Address 3601 South Congress Avenue
Building E
Austin, TX 78704 USA
Filings for this Registration
Legal NameTrade NameTypeStatusEffective
F45 Training IncorporatedF45 TrainingRegistrationExpired 4/27/2022
F45 Training IncorporatedF45 TrainingAmendmentExpired 5/24/2022
F45 Training IncorporatedF45 TrainingAmendmentExpired 8/18/2022
F45 Training IncorporatedF45 TrainingAmendmentExpired 11/30/2022
States Application Filed
States Filed California
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Contact Person
Contact Name Tracy Castillo
Contact Address 600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
The Watergate-Suite 700
Washington DC 20037  USA
Contact Email
Contact Phone 2022952205
Contact Fax 2022952250
Contact for Service of Process
Contact Name Kevin Graff
Contact Address 155 North Wacker Drive
Suite 300
Chicago IL  60606
Consent to Service of Process
Organization Type
Organized under laws of
Officer Name
Officer Title
Franchise Disclosure Document

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